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At New Earth Veterinary Conferences, my mission is to unite exceptional speakers with enthusiastic audiences. The result is empowering individuals to follow a holistic approach with their pet – cat or dog.

Why Should You Join One of Our Events as a Speaker?

  • Increase your exposure: Summits provide exposure for all the speakers. Each speaker promotes the summit to their audience by way of their email list, social media, or other platforms. This creates a guaranteed audience and provides increased exposure for all the speakers.

  • Audience is already engaged in this topic: Since all the speakers are experts in their own area of wellness, you can trust that the audience members are already interested in this subject matter. You will have the opportunity to reach a large and engaged audience that may not have been exposed to your work before.

  • Share your message: By joining as a speaker, you will have the opportunity to showcase your transformative work to an even larger audience of people eager to learn your wisdom so your message can transform more lives.

  • Generate new leads: As a speaker, you will have the opportunity to share a free gift (e-book, course, pdf, discount, free sample). Anyone who signs up for your free gift will boost your email list and be a brand-new lead for you to engage with.

  • Gain new clients: If your talk resonates with an audience member, this could result in them seeking YOU out to work with personally.

Speaker Testimonials

Highlights of Past Shows

About Dr. Jeff


Jeff Grognet, DVM, BSc(Agr)

Your host for the conferences is Dr. Jeff Grognet. He has been a veterinarian for over 40 years and owner of two veterinary practices.


Dr. Jeff loves teaching and has been doing it for 35 years. He has taught over 42,000 students in courses he developed to become certified as a veterinary assistant.


In his vet school days, Dr. Jeff was taught to “Do No Harm”. Following this tenet took him away from the conventional medical model. It began with a critical look at vaccination policies, followed by food choices. Then, toxic medications.

He became certified as a veterinary chiropractitioner and acupuncturist. His holistic studies moved into many other areas.


After leaving practice in 2021, Dr. Jeff decided to continue his teaching in the holistic world. The stimulus was the paucity of balanced information for people and a lack of guidance.


His goal is to educate using courses he has developed, as well as bringing fantastic speakers together so that the message gets out - GO HOLISTIC!

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