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Dr. Jeff Grognet, Veterinarian

As a child, I grew up surrounded by pets and horses. I developed a love for animals and that defined my career goal. After seven years of university, I became a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

My first job - practicing medicine in a companion animal hospital specializing in dogs, cats, and a few exotics. On the side, I dabbled in livestock (cows, pigs, sheep) and horses.


After 12 years, my wife (also a veterinarian) and I decided to open up our own practice. It was a dream come true when we opened the doors of our own practice for dogs and cats in 1995.


Since then, every day has been unique and challenging. Although we practice traditional medicine, I've also done acupuncture, chiropractic, and even low level laser therapy.

My interests extend far beyond the hospital. I’ve been teaching and writing about topics in veterinary medicine by being a contributor to several magazines. Currently I write a column for AKC Family Dog.


My teaching career began over 35 years ago. Wow, is it that long? After years of providing my staff with regular training sessions, a local college asked me to develop a veterinary receptionist and assistant program. It was a hit and became the inspiration for my online veterinary assistant courses.

As of September 2023, over 42,000 students have taken my veterinary assistant courses for personal enrichment and for career advancement.


I’ve also completed a program for pet sitters and, most recently, embarked on a series of courses on dog training and behavior consultations.

NOW - courses on alternative care through New Earth Veterinary Services. Check them out HERE.

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