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The Best Trick to get your dog to COME

When I ask dog owners - what is the biggest issue you have with your dog? The answer is obvious - not coming when called. Look at this for a great way to get your dog flying to you.

If you want to explore a course on the recall, check out the courses on my site.

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Dr. Jeff Grognet
Dr. Jeff Grognet
Dec 16, 2022

Dr. Jeff here.

When I hear that, the first thing I wonder about is a disease issue. You may want to look up Cushing's Disease in dogs.

The next thing is a review of the diet. A grain-filled diet is poor for getting weight off. A high protein homemade food is the key.

Worms - probably not especially since she is overweight.

Recommendation - have an exam done wit blood tests by your vet and see if she is healthy. If so, then I can hop onto a consultation with you on the diet that would help.


Noreen Bosnich
Noreen Bosnich
Dec 15, 2022

I have a dog who is very overweight and just gobbles her food. She is a mix of Corgi and Pomeranian and is 13 years old. She acts ravenous and eats anything and is always foraging in the woods. I have tried restricting her food, but it is not helping much.

could worms cause her to be so hungry?

I have recently given her Drontal Plus. Would this get rid of all worms?

i would appreciate your thoughts.

Thank you, Noreen Bosnich

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