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Raw Food NOT a Risk

We hear it all the time - raw food contains bacteria and it can cause disease in people. Well, this myth just got falsified.

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Teri Smith
Teri Smith
Mar 21, 2022

Thank you for this very interesting article. What you said makes perfect sense. We have a 16 mo. golden retriever who is fed Nutram Puppy dried kibble. I'd switched him from one quality brand to Nutram to see if there'd be a difference in his wicked flatulence & there is, but it is slight. I think I'd like to switch him to raw food at 18 mo. which is when he'll no longer require puppy food. I know I'll need to start the switch over in small rations & work up. Do you feed your sweet boy raw food from the pet food suppliers? Having never fed raw food before, I'm not sure about what is best, what quantit…


Mar 16, 2022

Hi Jeff,

What about parasites in raw food?

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