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How to: Chocolate Poisoning in Dogs

It's Halloween and your dog just ate some chocolate. Is it serious, and what do you do? Find out here.

Download the dose/toxicity chart below.

chocolate poisoning chart
Download DOCX • 143KB

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1 Comment

Teri Smith
Teri Smith
Oct 28, 2022

Good information Jeff. My G.R., as a young pup, ate a mushroom amongst the grass he was chewing. When he started drooling I knew that was a possibility & gave him 3 tbsp. of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide as he was over 60 lbs. Within two minutes he vomited & by the time 5 minutes had gone by he'd done it three more times until there was nothing left. He rested for awhile & the drooling stopped. I've met a few dog owners who had no idea you could use Hydrogen Peroxide for that, so it's good to get this information out there.

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