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How Fast to do CPR

If you are learning CPR, one question is - how many compressions do you do it a minute? Watch me show you how to do it.

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10 nov 2021

Great Jeff My dog bree has a terrible it that leads he to bite at herself and some hair comes out here and there. She otherwise eats well, plays has a happy tail this has been going on for close to a month I changed her food to lamb but the food doesn't seem to b the problem.

i wondered if ity could be the cedar ends that are everywhere. She is book for a shot at Bellevue Clinic on Fri What do you think?

Ellie Halcrow and Bree ( Welsh Springer)

Me gusta
Dr. Jeff Grognet
Dr. Jeff Grognet
07 dic 2021
Contestando a

Hi Ellie:

A few questions....

  1. Why did you go to lamb? What food brand was it?

  2. What shot is she getting? Vaccines?

Itchy dogs can be very complex but this is where I start and then I can move to some ideas for you.

Dr. Jeff

Me gusta
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