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Curing Cats with Hairballs

Know this - it is NOT normal for cats to vomit hairballs. It means something else is going on. Find out how to help your kitty here.

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Diana Robinson
Diana Robinson
24 mei 2022

Hi Dr. Jeff, I have a long haired kitty who has had hairball issues for the seven years that I’ve had her. I have tried a few high quality canned foods but she has never shown the slightest interest in any of them. She was a good mouser when I lived where there were mice around but I’ve never seen her even act like a mouse was something that could be eaten, and she has never taken a bite of any of the meats that I’ve offered her from my dinner plate. I started feeding her Purina One Hairball formula which helps some and I’m wondering what you think about the psyllium foods as help for passing hairballs, especially since…

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