What We Offer

Do you want to work with animals? The six-week veterinary assistant courses we offer are designed with several purposes. The main goal is to prepare you to work in veterinary hospitals – provide you with an introduction to the common duties that assistants will be doing in hospitals and help you understand the how and why of procedures.

These courses are also valuable for pet owners, increasing understanding of the medical care of their four-legged friends. The knowledge you gain can help you converse with the veterinarian and provide the best care you possible can.

The course on canine reproduction is oriented to one specific area – understanding the breeding of dogs. The information is useful in the hospital but it can also boost the success of breeding programs as well. Many breeders have found this course indispensable in their breeding program.

The completion certificates obtained after passing the final examination in these courses shows initiative and that you also have the ability to assimilate knowledge. This puts you above other applicants who are competing for entry-level positions at veterinary hospitals. These courses provide the credentials to help you get into the veterinary market.

The long, 34-lesson veterinary assistant course teaches every aspect of veterinary assisting. It is a comprehensive course. Unlike college courses that require attending classes, it is done at home, on your schedule. If you are working at a veterinary hospital while taking the courses, you also have the opportunity to practice the exercises with first-hand supervision.

The pet sitting course is a little different in that it prepares you with foundation skills to create your own pet sitting business. It goes through all the business aspects such as insurance, setting fees, marketing, how to efficiently structure your day, and it provides the knowledge for the best care of your clients’ pets.