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Veterinary Assistant Core Skills 1

This is your key to breaking into a career working with animals - a way to get the experience and education you need for applying for a position at a veterinary hospital.

Each month, you’ll receive a complete package of education on your journey to become a veterinary assistant. In the first month, we look at directional terms - how we describe positioning for radiographs and where tumors and such are on the body.


Once you have the basics, we move on to each organ system, all highlighted with discussions on disease and what input the veterinary assistant may have in their diagnosis and treatment.


After one year, you will have finished 12 lessons and in them, four courses. You will write the examination for certification in Veterinary Assistant Core Skills 1 (Anatomy and Physiology) as well as a Canine First Responder.

You will also complete the Job File, a skillset for applying for a veterinary assistant position. In the first month, we look at two videos - each one showing an interview with me as an employer and Molly as a veterinary assistant hopeful. These are presented below for you to see - click to play.  See what Molly does right and wrong.

Included is a short course, the Ultimate Recall. This is information that you can use at home with your dog, but you can also pass on the ideas to clients at the hospital struggling with getting their dog to come.

Every month, you’ll also get several case reports to put your skills to use, and a series on veterinary abbreviations and terms. In the first lesson, you'll see a valuable lesson on trimming nails in an elderly cat with long overgrown nails.

All of this is included for $19 a month. You can save by purchasing for the entire year for $197.

This is a subscription that is ongoing and will automatically move into course 2. You can cancel any time.

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