Meet The Team

With the first course Becoming a Veterinary Assistant written in 2003, there have been many upgrades and additions as the years have gone by. Canine Reproduction and Veterinary Assistant Practical Skills were added a few years later. In 2010, Pet Sitting was added as the fourth course. In the summer of 2012, a full length Veterinary Assistant Career Training Program was created and went live.
As of June 2019, over 30,000 students have taken Dr. Jeff Grognet's veterinary assistant courses for personal enrichment and for career advancement. Here's a little information about your instructors.

As a child, I grew up surrounded by animals. I developed a love for animals and that defined my career goal. After seven years at university, I finally became a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.


My first job was practicing medicine in a companion animal hospital that specialized in dogs, cats, and a few exotics. On the side, I dabbled in livestock (cows, pigs, sheep) and horses. After 12 years, my wife (also a veterinarian) and I decided to open up our own practice. It was a dream come true when we opened the doors of our own practice for dogs and cats in 1995.


Since then, every day has been unique and challenging. Although we practice traditional medicine, we've recently added a new dimension by training in Chinese medicine to learn acupuncture. I then received accreditation in Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM). This allows me to correct spinal problems in cats, dogs, and other domesticated animals. More recently, I've turned my attention to frequency-specific low level laser. This tool can help arthritic pets but and also those with heart problems, incontinence, and even cancer.


My interests extend far beyond the hospital. I’ve been teaching and writing about topics in veterinary medicine by being a contributor to several magazines. Currently I write a column for the AKC Family Dog.


My teaching career began over 20 years ago. After years of providing my staff with regular training sessions, a local college asked me to develop a veterinary receptionist and assistant program. It was a hit and became the inspiration for the four online veterinary assistant courses.


I’ve also completed a program for pet sitters and, most recently, embarked on a series of courses on dog training and behavior consultations.

Dr. Jeff Grognet, Veterinarian


Ms. Tracy Heyland,

Animal Health Technologist

Assistant Instructor

Welcome!  I look forward to working with you in the virtual classroom, and helping you learn new skills and information to be successful in animal health. My entire life has been spent playing with and working with animals.  I have always felt a kinship with them, and I’ve been blessed to have built most of my career around them, and know in my heart that this is where I belong.
I started officially working with animals, when I was 14 years old, volunteering as a Kennel Assistant on the weekends.  Eventually I moved up to a paid position as a Veterinary Assistant and Receptionist.  Inspired, I competed my training as an Animal Health Technologist (or Veterinary Technician) , where during my practicum, I had the privilege of working with Dr. Jeff Grognet.  His passion, sense of teamwork, fun, and his love of animals is truly inspiring and helped deepen my love of this field, and my practical skills.
My career, after graduation from tech school, has been varied, and I am happy to share that there are many opportunities for employment and new challenges. In addition to working as an Animal Health Technologist in busy four-doctor hospitals and emergency clinics, I have also worked as a pet food diet representative and taught an in-person Veterinary Assistant training program for many years. My love of teaching, animal health and travel has also led me to jobs in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry where I worked with clinics for over 17 years, sharing new medicines, client education materials, and latest research.  
Currently I am working with a veterinary company that purchases small animal veterinary businesses, and specializes in helping these clinics with their administrative tasks.  My position has me working with all levels of veterinary employees, helping to integrate new clinics, and assist with clinic programs educating clients. 
Know that this field of work has many different opportunities to offer you, no matter where you start.  It will touch your heart, and you in turn, will touch the hearts of both the animals and their owners.  Working with animals has changed me for the better, and allows me to make a difference.  It is why I choose to be here, and how I know it is where I belong.