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Holistic Corner

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List of Speakers

Cathrine S. Cornwall-Nyquist.png

​Want to know how a big cat shelter is managed? And see how communication plays an important role?

Dr. Lisa Winters.png

Canned pumpkin woks great for cats with constipation. And what is the best to feed cats naturally?

Patty Hegwood.png

Do you value volunteers? Patty looks at how to keep them working and stimulated rather than losing them.

Amy Snow.png

Acupressure is a simple technique and you can learn where to put your fingers to calm the animal.

Pam Roussell.png

Want to know how to do a vaccine detox? It really isn’t that hard once you know how.

Wynter Worsthorne.png

Ever wondered what a lion, hyena, or baboon would say? Could you get them to help you get along with them?

Liza Weaver.png

Want to feed raw but you area overwhelmed by the detail? Liza boils it down to a simple formula and an easy way to get started. Raw Feeding for Dummies!

Dr. Michael Dym.png

Want to avoid vaccine injury? Dr. Dym reviews how we can do that in simple ways.

Penny – Dr. Zoolittle.png

How can we start with holistic care? Dr. Zoolittle shows us why we want to do that and simple steps to begin the path.

Joan Ranquet.png

Joan Ranquet has a simple solution to help the animals get adopted. Explore EFT (Tapping) and as well as benefit from Joan’s long-standing relationship to shelters.

Liz Clifton.png

Got a nervous dog or cat? Liz tells us how to approach changing the behavior, all beginning with us. Find out how to calm yourself.

Dr. Odette Suter.png

Have you heard that sterilization can cause issues? Dr. Suter reviews the facts and then offers alternatives to surgery.

Adele Leas.png

Want to boost your bond and calm your pet? Adele Leas shows you how to do Jin Shin Jyutsu – a Japanese technique to release tension.

Andrea Ring, DCH Part 1.png
Andrea Ring, DCH Part 2.png

Want to know what homeopathics can be used in animals that show behavioral issues in the shelter? See this wonderful guide and lesson you can use right away.

Dr. Jeff Feinman.png

Want to improve adoption rates? Dr. Jeff looks at how to evaluate them and make individual improvement using the BEAM system.

Ana Maria Vasquez.png

Have you seen the high attrition rate amongst people that work with animals? It is a huge problem and the animals themselves can help us work through it.

Chelsea Edwards.png

Chelsea, who runs a small shelter, delves into simple ways to use holistic methods in the care of your animals. Explore feeding and parasite control as well as helping the dog behaviorally.

Dr. Hubert Karreman.png

Want to feed raw? Dr. Karreman has some ideas for you to cut costs. Also, some large animal views (think herd) on vaccines for pets.

Ellie Laks.png

What a great place! Imagine animal healing coupled with giving people hope. Meet Delilah the cow, the oldest cuddle turkey, and learn what cow hugging is.

Esta Bernstein.png

How can you make decisions on what to do with the horses in your sanctuary? Communication of course!

Julie Anne Lee , DCH, RCSHom.png

You want to benefit the animals but you are unsure of how to begin. Look at what you are doing now and assess it to help the animals.

Dr. Debbie Singer.png

Does your cat bite or scratch out of the blue? Why does s/he do that? Get the answers from a communicator.

Irini Molfessi.png

Want to try group housing for the dogs? This Greek shelter is doing it, and by using holistic methods and animal communication, is having better outcomes.

Jan Allegretti, D.Vet.Hom..png

Why would you incorporate holistic treatments into a shelter? One reason is lower cost, but there are others as well. and how would you begin in the world of homeopathy?

Dr. Andrew Jones.png

Want to know a simple holistic treatment for kennel cough? A way to make up your own shampoo? Find out the 10 top holistic remedies from Dr. Andrew Jones.

Christine Noble Seller.png

How can animal communicators help in shelters. A special tip – ask what name they like to be called.

Eleni Gkikakis.png

Imagine talking to as lion to help him understand why they wanted to remove a tooth. And unravelling a case of a dog that turned aggressive and how it was solved.

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