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Holistic Corner

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List of Speakers

Adele Leas.png

Want to boost your bond and calm your pet? Adele Leas shows you how to do Jin Shin Jyutsu – a Japanese technique to release tension.

Amy Snow.png

Have you heard about acupressure? It is a simple way to get great health benefits in your pet.

Ana Maria Vasquez.png

Animals often show the same symptoms that we have. If we have a sore leg, they reflect it back by limping. Find out what this connection is.

Andrea Ring.png

Ever wanted to use homeopathy? Andrea Ring reviews the common remedies you need to get started.

Christine Noble Seller.png

Ever wondered what your furry friend really wants? Christine shows us how communication can help us get the answers.

Debbie Singer.png

Does your cat bite or scratch out of the blue? Why does s/he do that? Get the answers from a cat communicator.

Donna Middleton.png

Do you have a dog that is shy or aggressive? Donna explains how nutrition can trigger this behavior and how to change it.

Ingrid King.png

Do you have one box for each cat plus one extra? Where are the food and water bowls? These are things to keep in mind for happy cats.

Dr. Janet Roark.png

Have you heard that essential oils are toxic to pets? Dr. Janet Roark reveals the truth about essential oils and how to use them safely and effectively with your animals.

Joan Ranquet.png

Your dog/cat is exuberant or anxious – how can get them to calm without drugs? The answer is through tapping – a simple technique you can learn.

Judy Morgan.png

You have an itchy dog and it is allergies. Find out the best way to avoid drugs and the cost of treatment.

Lisa Winters.png

Canned pumpkin works great for cats with constipation. And what is the best way to feed cats naturally? Find out what their needs are as well as find out if you need to get vitamin B12 injections.

Liz Clifton.png

Got a nervous dog or cat? Liz tells us how to approach changing the behavior, all beginning with us. Find out how to calm yourself.

Liza Weaver.png

Imagine feeding the canine athlete. Their metabolism is so fast that they have unique needs and Liza explains how to do it.

Pam Roussell Part 1.png

Want to give your cat the optimal nutrition and add the right supplements? Know what to add for each season? Pam gives you the answers as well as a way to get professional advice.

Pam Roussell Part 2.png
Penny Zoolittle Part 1.png
Penny Zoolittle Part 2.png

Want your pet to live longer? Dr. Zoolittle gives us some ideas that you can implement easily.

Dr. Rob Silver.png

Do you want to use CBD? Dr. Silver tells us why we’d want to use it and how to do it.

Susan Bohrer.png

Want to find out what to feed older dogs, dogs with allergies, and overweight dogs? Dr. Bohrer shares some great ideas on tackling these problems.

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