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Holistic Corner

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List of Speakers

Two Crazy Cat Ladies.png

See how Adrienne and Jae feed their cats and how they did it. They emphasize the benefit of raw food and look at tricks you can use during the transition away from dry food.

Dr. Odette Suter.png

Odette looks into one of the most common diseases affecting cats – inflammatory bowel disease. And, how can we help it?

Andrea Ring.png

Andrea gives us a primer on homeopathy and delves into the fact that the more diluted it is, the stronger its effect. As well, if you have an unhappy cat, you can give it with the food.

Kathleen Prasad.png

Kathleen shows us how cats differ from other species because they are so attuned to energy. We want to do it for healing and connection. Kathleen leads us in a meditation to begin the practice.

Dr. Judy Morgan.png

Many people don’t realize that their cat is suffering from arthritis. Judy covers the cause, how to spot, and what to do.

Jennifer DeSchryver.png

Jennifer looks at what “complete and balanced” means in nature, and all the different ways you can feed raw, emphasizing variety. Jennifer is an admin on a cat feeding Facebook group; she tells you how to get support.

Amy Shojai.png

Find out how to have a more content cat with environmental enrichment. Amy shares many no-cost ways to help your cat.

Dr. Rob Silver.png

Dr. Rob Silver talks about the value of CBD in cats and how to dose it. Also, mushroom supplements which are good for healing such as ones that can help kidney function.

Anitra Frazier.png

Anitra tells us why cats lash out when being petted, how they know when mum is coming home, how to trim nails effortlessly, managing kidney disease, and why raw food.

Dr. Jean Dodds.png

Jean, a vaccine researcher, looks at what vaccines cats and kittens really need and when. Some will surprise you.

Dr. Andrew Jones.png

Dr. Andrew Jones talks about his cat that was diagnosed with diabetes and was eventually taken off insulin by using a cat-designed diet as well as some supplements.

Dr. Jean Hofve Part 1.png

The truth about pet food labelling. Though all ingredients need to be listed, they have found dog DNA in pet food. Jean introduces her five-paw grading system for foods.

Dr. Jean Hofve Part 2.png

Jean looks into how declaw bans are brought in – when ethics and finances collide. Does declawing mean more cats will be given to shelters?

Dr. Michael Dym.png

Dr. Michael Dym shows us how homeopathy has worked for him in his integrative practice. He gives a rundown of what remedies to sue for common conditions and why.

Shirley Lipschutz.png

Shirley describes how she got into holistic therapy due to her own health issues. She is passionate about promoting healthier alternatives for cats with kidney disease, for example, starting with wheat grass.

Joan Ranquet.png

Joan looks at how we can establish a connection with our feline friends. She tells us about her experience in the wild with tigers. And the messages she can get from animals. Meditation included.

Julie Anne Lee, DCH, RCSHom.png

Learn how gut health is linked to both the causes and healing of chronic diseases and how to easily navigate it using homeopathy.

Ingrid King.png

Ingrid looks into the different types of food available. No dry food is the starting point, but how do we rate the other foods? See how you can tell how one food is better than another.

Liza Weaver Part 1.png
Liza Weaver Part 2.png

Do you want to feed your cat better and correctly? Liza explains what cats require and how to satisfy those needs. This is an entire course boiled down to an hour.

Rita Hogan.png

Rita Hogan questions why our cats aren’t all living into their twenties. Rita talks about kidney disease in cats, which is the most common disease seen in older cats. zeroing in what can cause it and how to use herbs to support the kidneys.

Pam Roussell.png

Pam shows us how easy muscle testing can be with several techniques. It can be used to see if a certain food or supplement should be offered.

Dr. Debbie Singer.png

Dr. Debbie Singer tells us about how she perceives stress in cats and then utilizes her communication skills to figure what the cat truly needs. Gives a great example of a cat that told her that it didn’t want to go by air and preferred a car.

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