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Holistic Corner

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List of Speakers

Ana Maria Vasquez.png

Ana Maria tells us about some fascinating cases she has seen. Also, she stresses the importance of the breath!

Sabine Poncelet.png

Sabine tells us how the veterinarians are now sending people to her for animal communication services. She tells stories about her experiences with horses, monkees, iguanas, and dogs. Sabine lads up in a meditation to contact our friends. Sabine also leads us in a meditation.

Sally Morgan.png

Sally has been teaching t-touch for decades. She introduces three basic moves to help health problems and change how a pet feels. See what you can do with just the ears!

Liz Clifton.png

You’ll see why the connection is so important. It can lift the spirits of the pet and the person. Find out how to do it.

Odette Suter.png

Dr. Suter reveals what harm the EMF does as well as easy things we can do to reduce our and our pets’ exposure.

Kathleen Prasad.png

Katheen tells us the origins of Reiki, what it can do in shelters, how to have a spa day with your pet, and leads you in a meditation to do Reiki.

Christine Noble Seller.png

Christine tells us what animals reveal about euthanasia in a great discussion with Dr. Jeff. What are their true feelings?

Sarah-Jane Farrell.png

Sarah-Jane tells us what animals think of dying and how we and support them on their last day.

Dr. Susan Wagner.png

Susan talks about how science explains what is going on with energy medicine.

Julie Anne Lee, DCH, RCSHom.png

Julie Anne discusses the benefits of homeopathy and how to use it.

Penny – Dr. Zoolittle.png

Why do cats sleep so much? Can all dogs run a marathon? Dr. Zoolittle shows us the needs for cats and dogs in movement and exercise.

Ruth Roberts.png

Dr. Ruth shows us how to remove nasties from the environment, easily.

Allecia Maine, Ph.D.png

Unrecognized pain can trigger behavior issues. Allecia connects the dots of how body misalignment can affect brain chemistry – how you can identify it and resolve the problem.

Kate Solisti.png

Kate shows how animals perceive our energy fields and how to feel and perceive your own field, controlling it when approaching animals physically or energetically. Kate covers asking permission to communicate with an animal and thanking them for whatever is received (or not).

Sarah Hauser.png

Sarah’s deep love for cats means that they benefit from this powerful technique. She uses it in cats that are scared or reactive, and need balancing.

Adele Leas.png

Adele shows us how we can deepen the bond between us and our animals through an art that balances body, mind, and spirit. It began with her health challenges, but seeing the improvement, she applied it to her dog and then other animals.

Joan Ranquet.png

Using the Emotional Freedom Technique, often known as tapping, Joan explains how we can use it for anxiety disorders. Think of animals and the 4 th of July as well as fearful animals in shelters.

Dr. Katie Woodley.png

Dr. Katie reveals what many suspect – animals reflect how we are doing. Find out how we can make their health better.

Allen Schoen.png

Peoples’ hearts melt when the dog sighs with an acupuncture needle. A barn with added compassion means people, horses, cats, and birds were happier.

Amy Snow.png

Amy tells us what acupressure can do and how a person can do it with their pet. She introduces Cooper the rescue dog and how to do acupressure on him.

Anna Twinney.png

Learn what horses are telling us and how they do it.

Debbie McGillivray.png

Originally a sceptic of communication, she began by talking to a goat who was a fashionista – commenting on her clothes.

Iena SpiritWalker.png

Iena uses communication to look at the lessons animals coming into our lives can give us. As well, they tend to reflect our human needs and act as messengers.

Rita Hogan.png

Rita shows us how flower essences are made. A clue – they aren’t steeped like tea. Find out some that can help with your pet’s anxiety.

Dr. Doug Willen.png

Dr. Doug shows us how to massage your dog or cat. Also, how valuable this tool is at the end of life (the final moments) to continue the connection.

Isla Fishburn.png

Isla introduces what we cannot see – the invisible soul. How can we nurture it?

Lisa Winters.png

Lisa, a veterinarian, shows us how she uses her skills to find out what is going on in pets so that she can direct the tests or treatment.

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