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List of Speakers

Dr. Andrew Jones.png

You can find out why commercial foods are prone to causing issues. A simple recipe is provided for a cooked diet.

Dr. Margo Roman.png

The microbiome is moving front and center these days. Find out what it can treat, such as allergies, behavior issues, and of course, intestinal disease.

Dr. Judy Morgan.png

The modern flea medications (which also cover a host of other parasites) have been reported to cause problems. Find out what these are and what you can do if your dog has been exposed.

Lew Olson.png

Find out how to provide fresh food to your dog, beginning with supplementing a conventional diet and moving through fresh and raw.

Dr. Laurie McCauley.png

If you want your dog living a longer and a more healthful life, check out these ideas. You'll learn how to keep your dog moving.

Dr. Ruth Roberts.png

Do you want to cook for your dog? Find out how simple it is using a crockpot (or any other pot for that matter).

Dr. Odette Suter.png

Early spay and neuter = more cancer, arthritis, joint problems. Some countries like Norway have a law against sterilizing dogs. Very different from North America. Find out a new way to sterilize girl dogs and keep the hormones. But there are some cautions from other species.

Kim Gauthier.png

Should you tell your veterinarian you are feeding a homecooked or raw food rather than what they recommend? Find out how to maintain the communication and what you can do if you feel resistance.

Dr. Allen Schoen.png

Find out what the Conscious Animal Lover's Movement is and how it can help you take better care of the animals you love.

Dr. Nick Thompson.png

Obesity is an epidemic in dogs. Find out why doing something about it is needed for longevity in your friend. It isn't that hard and feeding the right food will help immensely.

Dr. Christina Chambreau.png

Through a three-step process, you can focus on the dog in front of you and get appropriate help rather than being worried about the worst thing the current symptom could produce.

Dr. Ava Frick.png

We can feed our dogs based on body type. You can see many ways to feed a real food diet.

Dr. Jeff Feinman.png

Find out how to balance and increase the energy in pets versus treating the symptoms.

Suzanne Karreman.png

Want to feed raw? Find a simple method to do it that takes very few steps and you'll have confidence following it.

Rita Hogan.png

Ever wanted to use herbs in your dog? It can be as easy as making tea. Find out the best infusions to make for this time of year and what they are used for.

Dr. W. Jean Dodds.png

How to minimize vaccines. For example - lepto - just test and treat if you suspect it rather than using an ineffective vaccine that can cause life-threatening reactions.

Holly Ganz.png

Discover the importance of the intestinal microbiome. See what can mess it up, like antibiotics, and how to fix it with poo-biotics.

Dr. Katie Woodley.png

Find out how to decide on a probiotic (many are not designed right). And if your dog is in an intestinal crisis, what do you do?

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