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Behavioural Solutions

This is Dr. Jeff Grognet.

I am a veterinarian and I have a deep interest in behaviour. I can offer two solutions for any behavioural problem that you are having with your dog (or cat).

One is the in-person (physically or through Zoom) consultation. The other is a series of webinars that create a well-rounded course where you can learn how to solve it yourself. You must be into dogs and have a basic obedience course on board to have success with this program. 

If you purchase a consultation, you get the full course anyway. I often refer to it and use it for education after the consultation.

Behavioural Consultation

This is 90 minute personalized consultation with Dr. Jeff Grognet, either in-person (Parksville area) or through Zoom. You will first understand why your dog acts the way he does, and then get a plan for dealing with any behavior issue. Includes two follow-up Zoom meetings up to 20 minutes each.

Some of the issues I can deal with are:


- Phobias

- Panic Disorder

- Social Anxiety Disorder

- Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

- Trauma or Stress Injuries

- Generalized Anxiety Disorder

- Aggression

I’ve included the Premium Edition (see below) which includes the complete Behavior Solutions Course. I refer to these webinars for education after the consultation. As well, there is an At-Home Obedience Course that you can use to learn skills or sharpen the ones you already have. You have access as long as you need so that you can work on other issues that may arise.

This includes the consultation, follow-up, and the behavior course as long as you need it. If you need any further information, send an email to Dr. Grognet.

The Premium Edition


Includes all the components in the Complete Edition. Also, the Complete Behavior Solutions Course.

Do you already have a trained dog, but you have a behavior issue that is holding back your trust in your dog? This is all you need to fix your dog's behavior issues at home.

The Behavior Solutions Course

This course has 10 lessons and each one begins with foundation learning. The first webinar helps you understand why your dog is displaying these behaviors. The next part shows you how to change your dog’s response.


This allows you to fast forward your work with your dog.

This is not based on outdated dominance theories and using equipment to harm dogs. It is based on widely used psychology principles clinical practitioners use in people today.

Let’s do a quick review:

  1. Becoming Canine Trauma Informed

    • This is how you learn the most common driver for “bad” behavior. How does it impact how you work with dogs?

    • We look at separation anxiety, handling off-leash approaching dogs, and it also has the 30 day survival guide for the rescue dog.

  2. Counterconditioning and Desensitization

    • You may have heard these words, but how do you use them practically? This is where you learn how to use these valuable tools with behaviors like over-reactivity and separation anxiety.

  3. Graded Exposure

    • How do we get a dog used to a stimulus so there is no reaction? This foundation shows you the mechanics of how to do this.

    • We do a mall walk (to reduce reactivity), review a weekend plan for separation anxiety (which includes crate training), and how to avoid fear of car rides.

  4. Window of Tolerance

    • You’ve probably been told that when your dog is reacting, wave a treat in front of him. This lesson shows why that doesn’t work.

    • Learn how to settle your dog on a leash walk, and how to work on socialization.

  5. Hyperarousal and hypoarousal

    • Two different ends of the spectrum. Deciding where your dog is on that spectrum shows you how to deal with it.

    • See how to introduce tools to fearful dogs, and submissive urination.

  6. Integrated Victory Management

    • In a word, we want SUCCESS. And, we don’t want our dogs to fail. See how you can trigger success when it counts the most.

    • Find specific solutions for prey drive, jumping up, separation anxiety, and a simple lesson called leave it – take it.

  7. Relationship Building

    • If you don’t have a relationship with your dog, you can’t teach anything. This is how you do it.

  8. Ultimate At-Home Obedience Course

    • This lesson is an entire course designed to help you train your dog in the essential tools that you can use in your behavior program.

  9. Reactive Dogs

    • Reactive dogs deserve their own lesson. This will help you understand how to help these dogs. Picture a dog that relaxes beside you rather than out of control.

  10. Pharmacologic Interventions in Behavior

    • Many people think there is a magic pill for behavior. There isn’t! But, we can tell you when it is useful and why.

    • We look at aggression, compulsive behavior, and treating cognitive syndrome.



Ultimate How-To Behavior and Training Video Package

We’ve added this package of 41 webinars to supplement the foundation lessons that help to make the learning more practical so you can see examples of it at work.

Doorbell Down where you learn how to get a dog to relax when someone comes to the door.

Meet and Greet Series shows you how to control many situation where your dog is meeting other people and dogs.

The Walking on Leash lesson show you how to achieve a calm walk on a leash.

Rest and Relaxation exercise which shows you how to get your dog to relax at crucial times.

Prey Drive and Distractions with a focus on Car Chasing, Predacious Behavior, Handler’s Presence (needed if you want your dog to listen to you), using the recall and stay with distractions.

Treadmill Training – a fun course that shows you how to train your dog to use a treadmill. Great to get the exercise in so your dog can relax and learn.

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