Habit #5

Boosting Your Worth on Your Resume and Managing the Euthanasia Question

I’ve got two very different topics for you in this assignment.

The first one is a review of the stages of grief. This is a topic in my Become a Veterinary Assistant course. I go into much more detail in the lesson, but I’ve summarized the stages so  you can realize what they are.

They help you understand what a person is going through when they lose a pet. Learning this can help you support them. We use these stages all the time at the veterinary hospital so we know if we can help the people or not.

Click here to see the stages of grief document.

The second topic is a review of your assets and deficiencies.

For your assets….I showed you how to dovetail your assets into the conversation during your interview in the lesson 4 assignment. I want you to expand on this a little more. The goal – put it on your resume so that you are graded higher than other applicants.

Make sure you are highlighting the assets on your resume. You want to proudly show them off.

Next, tackle the deficiencies you’ve identified. Your goal now is to augment your skills so they do not become an impediment to advancement in the field.

For example, suppose you think you are a little lacking in the math department. Let’s find out. Do a search for “math skills assessment”. I just did this and several sites came up where you can do tests for each grade level. Try it out and see what you get.

If you found that you need help, try a search for “learning math” and you’ll see some free courses. As well, if you are into apps, search them out as well. There are many ways to learn math these days.

You can do the same for writing skills. Do a search for “english skills assessment” and then follow the same directions as you used for math.

As I mentioned before, you are going to be working on these skills in the background and it is not something you put on your resume. The key is – you can change your abilities and now is the time to work on it.

I am Dr. Jeff Grognet and I am here to educate you in the best care of your pet and help you move into an animal career. Read my BIO.

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