Habit #4

Essential Knowledge for an Interview – the Job Roles in the Hospital

Let’s suppose you are in the interview. This interview is important. It is the one that is going to catapult you into a job to start your career. This is what you live for!

So, take this seriously.

The question posed to you from the veterinarian/human resources person (could be a manager or tech) is this:

Do you know what assistants do at the hospital?

You could give a short answer like “Yes”. This does not reveal much to the interviewer at all, and it often is the end of that conversation.

I have a better idea for you. Answering this question can help you achieve three goals in your interview. These are:

  1. Show you did your research.

  2. Demonstrate that you have great communication skills, and

  3. Show off your abilities.

You are probably wondering how you do this.

For the first point, you’ve figured out what a veterinary assistant does (right?). So, you are going to begin telling the interviewer your understanding of the assistant’s role. The goal is to show them you know what to expect.

Begin by writing down a list of duties.

Next you are going to expand on it. For example, if you’d had an interaction with a veterinary assistant (VA), talk about it. Say that when you went to XYZ hospital, I was greeted by the VA and she took my dog’s temperature and also (list other things she did). Then, say that the qualities she exuded such as being friendly to me and my dog were so important and I am sure that I can do the same with my background in retail stores/restaurant work.

Can you see how you can work in your experience to put you in a good light?

If you haven’t had much experience with a VA, then you can work in your education. Another example. You can say – One duty that assistants do is help restrain animals for blood collection (you may have learnt this in my practical skills course and also in the certification course). I have been practicing this on my dog at home and even on the neighbor’s dog.

This shows that you have taken education (you have drive and ability to learn) and you’ve been trying the skills which shows you are determined.

Now, review the list of VA duties you compiled and look for ways to expand on it to put you in a good light.

This cannot be done on the spur of the moment. You need to write this down and practice it. This is what this assignment is.

I have a sheet you can fill out in the download.


Next, please share your thoughts with me, such as ways you found to show your skills, please share so that it can help others.

I am Dr. Jeff Grognet and I am here to educate you in the best care of your pet and help you move into an animal career. Read my BIO.

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