Habit #3

Line up Your Education and Experience Today

Your assignment for habit number three is to get your program underway.

You’ve checked your resume and identified how you can improve on it. Your goal – show your employer that you are the one to hire.

If you don’t have animal experience, now is the time to get it. Perhaps you can volunteer. Visit the local shelter or talk to a rescue organization and see what you can do to help and get some animal contact. Do a search for SPCA, rescue organizations, and shelters in your area.

Is there a dog trainer that can use help? Is there a boarding kennel that can use assistance over a holiday season?

A side benefit of volunteering to keep in mind is that you may get a great reference from your supervisor. That can help you when applying for a job in a hospital.

If you haven’t taken any courses, now is the time to look at doing that. For example, the six-week veterinary assistant courses that I teach can be done quickly and you can add them to your resume in just a few months. These teach the essential skills and the knowledge that a veterinary assistant would need to start a position at a veterinary hospital.

You can take a first responder course for pets.

Create a wish list so you can plan your course. Fill out the form available in the download.

I am Dr. Jeff Grognet and I am here to educate you in the best care of your pet and help you move into an animal career. Read my BIO.

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