Habit #2

What do you need to do NOW to make Veterinary Assisting your career?

Welcome to assignment #2 for the 7 Habits of Highly Successful Veterinary Assistants.

Today, we’re going to get you set to apply for a job as a veterinary assistant.

I have an assignment for you. I want you to look for employment opportunities in the veterinary field. Do a search for “veterinary assistant jobs”. If you have a favorite employment site you’ve looked at before, check it out. What I want you to look at is what are ads asking for? This could be your local area, but go farther afield so you can read more ads and see what they say.

Once you know what they want, check your resume. Does it meet what the ads are asking for? Identify  your deficits. I want you to keep these in mind because we’re going to look at how to improve your resume in habit #3. Don’t worry about fixing them yet.

There is a certain skill to writing a resume. It must contain all the information in a logical, readable, and effective format. I have included two resumes for you to look at. One is a good resume, containing information that can impress an employer. The other is poor and would fail to impress me.

The resumes can be found in the download button above.

Tell me and the other students what you found out. What are employers looking for? Again, I’d love to see what you found. Add a note below to complete the assignment.

I am Dr. Jeff Grognet and I am here to educate you in the best care of your pet and help you move into an animal career. Read my BIO.

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